Take a stand against Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking Awareness Month

During the month of January, advocates, organizations, and individuals unite to raise awareness about the issue of human trafficking. While movements like #MeToo have started to bring crimes like sexual harassment and sexual assault out of the shadows, human trafficking largely remains hidden. Putting an end to human trafficking in Florida starts with acknowledging its existence.

Join FDWO in our focus of increasing awareness, prevention, & restoration for victims of human trafficking. Attend one of our community events and learn the facts about human trafficking and how to take action. Help shed light on the issue by sharing one of social assets or signing the control of human trafficking in Florida petition. You can join the movement to put an end to this exploitation.

Human Trafficking is happening right here in our backyard and an increased awareness is needed to prevent this. Children are being trafficked as early as the 6th grade! These are elementary school children . . .

Lavern DeerFounder - Female Development World Organization

Take a Stand Against Human Trafficking in Florida

Human Trafficking is on the rise in America. The number of reported cases is over 35% higher between 2016 and 2017 nationally and over 50% higher here in the State Florida; according to The Florida Department of Children and Families.

The Control of Human Trafficking Bill is currently being filed in the 2019 Florida Legislative Session, among other steps this bill will require the Florida State Department of Legal Affairs to develop public awareness campaigns around human trafficking and to establish a toll-free human trafficking reporting hotline.

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Madalon Law Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign

Madalon Law parteners with FDWO to raise awareness about human trafficking in Florida

Our first duty is to you our client. We must insure you are protected, cared for, rebuilt and made whole. What has been taken from you must be paid for in full. Once we have accomplished our duty to you, we must do our duty to society. We must do everything possible to prevent this from happening again. We cannot turn back the hands of time to prevent this from happening to you, but we can make it hurt so much that the defendant will never do this to anyone else. Our lawyers and attorneys are relentless because the work we do makes the world a safer place for our fellow men, women and children. This work is required for a better world for all of us.

Joseph MadalonFounder - Madalon Law

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Madalon Law will donate $1 everytime this awareness video is shared to support FDWO's human trafficking initiatives.

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